Training DVD "Telescopic Baton in Practise"

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This training DVD explains very illustratively basic principles and elements of use of the expandable baton and its accessories. It contains 16 chapters, duration of the film is 59 minutes.

This DVD is available with English, German, French, Spanish and Russian subtitles. Required language of the DVD specify in the note in the order details.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Manual
  3. The Basics
  4. Possible effects of baton use
  5. Baton strike options
  6. Basic arc strike
  7. Self-defense: grasps
  8. Self-defense: strikes and kicks
  9. Self-defense: melee weapons
  10. On-duty use of the telescopic baton
  11. Tactical and prevention techniques
  12. Arresting techniques
  13. Restraining Techniques
  14. Forcing a person to exit a vehicle
  15. Baton maintenance
  16. The use of baton accessories