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Training knife – orange | TKO-02

Plastic version of a commando knife has a form of an ordinary pocket knives. It serves for special defence training, as well as for realisation of model situations. Orange color.

It is manufactured in two variants of stiffness. The stiffer version is marked as TKO-02-H (hard), and softer version is marked as TKO-02-S (soft). They serve for different levels of training.

Price / 1 pc in this shop: € 9,95 VAT included
Unit price in this shop for a minimum purchase of 2 pcs (-9%): € 9,05 VAT included
Shipping price  pcs  

Length 220 mm.


  • TKO-02-H .... 86 g
  • TKO-02-S .... 91 g


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