Police riot shield (held in left hand) | ASR-60-100/L

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This impact resistant police shield is made of high-quality, extremely resistant polycarbonate with thickness 3 mm. Its front face has rounded shape without any vertical edges (only difference from the type AS-60-100/L). Inner ergonomically shaped reinforcing plate dampens efficiently impacts and vibrations on holding hand. Handle is double and enables holding of the shield by both hands. V-shaped form of the shield conducts blows efficiently aside.

The price does not include the inscription on the shield and baton holder! Price of the baton holder (1 set) is X EUR. Price of the inscription depends on extent of the text.

Width is 570 mm, height 1 000 mm, weight 3,5 kg.

Na dotaz je k dispozici rovněž varianta protiúderového štítu drženého v pravé ruce s možností úchopu levou rukou. Pro bezpečnostní složky a při odběru většího množství je možno domluvit podstatnou slevu.

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