Holder with metal clip for 9 pcs of textile handcuffs HT-01 | HTH-69

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Plastic container holder is designated for comfortable daylong carrying of larger number of disposable textile handcuffs of the type HT-01. They are inserted into the holder after turning the top cover. Instructions for putting the handcuffs into the holder (“loading”) are given on the lid of casing. After opening of the side flexible flap the handcuffs can be quickly and easily taken out by pulling the projecting of textile ribbon. The holder can be after its emptying easily filled with other handcuffs and be thus ready for another action. The holder is made from highly resistant polyamide and this type is designated for 9 pieces of textile handcuffs (suitable for anti-riot units).

This type of holder is equipped with metal clip, which enables its rapid insertion on a belt (without necessity of unbuckling it) or to a tactical vest. Metal clip can be adjusted by swivelling for carrying on the right or left side.

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