Swivelling plastic holder for Spray Flashlight TORNADO (40 ml) | SHT-04-40

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Swivelling plastic holder is determined for professional use. It enables very fast drawing of the Spray Flashlight TORNADO sideways from the holder. It contains moreover a safety catch, which holds the spray head firmly in the holder and at the same time prevents accidental opening of the lid. In case of the Spray Flashlight TORNADO the safety catch thus prevents an undesirable lighting, or – on the other hand – it makes it possible to fix the spray lid in the lighted position and use thus the Spray Flashlight TORNADO as an improvised flashlight. In vertical or slightly inclined position it can be used for permanent lighting of space in front of the user, while his hands remain free.

This type of holder uses special patented (EP 1604587, US Pat.: 7.380.692, RU Pat.: 2352233) fastening clip of the type UBC-01, which enables its rapid insertion on a belt with one hand only and without necessity of unbuckling the belt. The spray can be rotated in respect to the belt by full circle of 360 degrees with 16 locking positions.

The holder SHT-04-40 is designated for the Spray Flashligths TORNADO with volume of 40 ml.

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