Straight police baton with protective shield, 63 cm | PBS-25/63

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This straight police baton (truncheon) is made from high durable polypropylene. Although it is comparatively lightweight, it is highly resistant to fracture.

This type of police baton includes a protective shield, which protects the hand against blows.

The baton can be supplied also with a wrist strap. The wrist strap is not included in the price of the baton and is sold as a separate item!

Price / 1 pc in this shop:
€ 17,25 VAT included
Price / 1 pc if you buy at least 2 pcs (discount 9%):
€ 15,70 VAT included


  • length: 63 cm / 25 in
  • weight: 435 g ± 15 g