Lightweight police handcuffs from aircraft duraluminum | HM-02

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made from highly resistant duraluminum and stainless steel thanks to aircraft duraluminum weighs only 240 g double lock supplied with a pair of keys with a unique shape

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These chain handcuffs are made from highly resistant aircraft duraluminum in combination with stainless steel. Thanks to used material weighs only 240 g, however, they maintain the toughness of a standard metal handcuffs.

Thanks to a double lock the handcuffs are significantly more secure against attempts to unlock them. They are supplied with a pair of keys with a unique shape.

Main parts of handcuffs are made from duraluminum of the type 6061. Locking mechanisms and rivets are made from stainless steel. Movable jaws are made from chromium-plated stainless steel.