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Holder for CZ Scorpion EVO / GP Stribog magazine | MH-64-EVO

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plastic swiveling holder for magazine for submachine guns CZ Scorpion EVO and for guns based on GP Stribog line (9×19 Luger) also supports the magazines for HK MP7 and pistol FN Five-seveN® Mk2

enables quick drawing of the magazine self-locking design with fixation spring made from highly resistant plastic designated for professional use

metal clip for rapid attachment to a belt

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This self-locking universal holder is designated for the carrying of a back-up magazine for submachine gun CZ Scorpion EVO and for guns based on GP Stribog line (9×19 Luger). 

The holder can also support the magazines for:

  • personal defense weapons HK MP7
  • pistol FN Five-seveN® Mk2

The sophisticated design with fixation spring enables quick drawing of the magazine. The holder is made from highly resistant plastic and it is designated for professional use. Color: black.

The holder is equipped with a metal clip.


metal clip

The flexible metal clip enables you to quickly attach the holder to the belt without the need to unbuckle it. The metal clip has been designed for belts with the width from 45 to 50 mm.

The metal clip is attached to the holder body with a rivet. Due to this fact, it is the only clip from our selection which does not allow for the 360° rotation of the holder in relation to the belt.